From the Bottom to the Top: The rough road to solar success

Three friends VThree friends who all started with a humble beginning when they first ventured into the alternate energy and solar powered world by forming their own collective. Despite things being tough, they always thought of switching to something a younger generation could perceive to be important. However, they drew some motivation from the ongoing Steampunk movement and found there was a growing interest in alternative energy. See how they rise to the top and what can you learn from their idealistic views.

Trevor Scotts aka ‘Tripper’

If you want to keep internet contact on a continual 24 hour basis while on the go, you need to have an urban lifestyle and skill set that makes it happen. The question you should ask yourself is how is it possible? Does you know people with the right amount of info when there is nobody left to rely on? In other words- where are you going to charge your electrical devices when there is no power source available. Sure I’m an urban tech nerd and I do my best to write loads of helpful info on survival electricity in the urban jungle!

Sergei Kiev aka ‘Kwazy Twain’

The urban survivalist world is very competitive and robust. A myriad of changes takes place in a single day. It is therefore very important to keep up with the latest trends. It’s hard to keep tabs with all the changes that are happening today. We also had to do some research and reading online about what solar power means to the youth of America in the near future. It can be very embarrassing when online friends ask you certain questions and they just don’t understand what privatized power outsourcing is all about. I author this site content and also edit a bunch of other stuff too.

Mac Kibosh aka ‘Mined-Crime’

Kibosh admits that he found his day job of maintaining the security for websites very demanding as a source of income. "I totally had no experience working for the corporate sector. Everything seemed so new to me, but I didn't give up because this was my passion. After a while the opportunity be in business for himself arose and has never been happier. It’s best that you develop a thick skin and endure the tough times because after the storm there is always a rainbow. If not for discovering the idea of urban survival and free electrical outsourcing, I might have been victim to the corporate downfall. Oh yea, I also work hard to provide special reports that introduce exhibits and show on the latest urban survival meets.

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