The amazing ‘Sun Charge' portable solar panel

modern solar panels XThe Otonohm developed Sun Charge 20W is the power housing portable solar panel. Solar panels have been around for quite a long time and serve the purpose of relying on the sun's energy to power up devices such as lights and other such small devices. With the coming of age, these solar panels have been modified and reinvented several times with certain tweaks and upgrades to its original purpose. This has led to the solar panels providing more energy at the same time the same amount of energy they previously used to.

The Otonohm's Sun Charge 20W is a solar panel which was first released a few years back but still has its use and can rival more modern solar panels. The Sun Charge 20W was ahead of its time when it came to functionality as well as usage. The Sun Charge 20W is shockproof as well as water resistant. This makes their use most suited to the outdoor activities such as camping, trekking, etc.

The Otonohm's Sun Charge had been specifically designed to make users non-reliant on electrical charging ports while on the move. The Sun Charge makes use of the highest grade of cells found in the solar panel industry These Photovoltaic Cells are highly reliant especially when spending days away from civilization. This solar panel not only is a great way to keep the devices powered and stay on social media while outdoors but should be a requirement as they can be of the most use in the event that things take a bad turn. This is especially attractive to gamers of all walks of life. Those who are serious into MMORPG or just happy to blow-away some friends in a rowdy game of Fortnite! Of course it is no surprise that social gamers who love to play online poker, blackjack and even some old fashioned Las Vegas themed slot machines will love the portability of Sun Charge to take their passion for games of chance to a whole new level. Now it seems that mobile slots for real money is finally worth the chance when you can take your social casino gaming anywhere you want to go.

Since the sun can always be relied upon, the Sun Charge will always get powered by it and then provide juice to your devices, which in turn can be used to contact the authorities for help.

The most suitable conditions for this solar panel are those of complete brightness. The brighter and more powerful the sunlight, the quicker the Sun Charge will charge, and in turn power your devices. Therefore, it is imperative to understand how it functions before using it. Furthermore, in terrains where the sunlight is blocked by trees or is concentrated in places where humans cannot go, the shockproof and water-resistant attributes of this solar panel come in handy. It can be slung on trees to gather more powerful sunlight or even tossed in the water where the sunlight is plentiful, with a rope of course. If ever it happens so that the Sun Charge falls to the ground or gets completely submerged in the water, it would not affect the solar panel at all. The Sun Charge can power two devices at a time in its USB slots, and is lightweight and does not take up too much space in the backpack. Just a few more reasons to get a hold of this lifesaver.

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