Sun Charge: Where it works best

Charge Solar PanelThe Otonohm's Sun Charge is a 20-Watt capacity high-performance portable solar panel. This specific model is a shock as well as water resistant, making its use ideal for rough use, basically the outdoors. Moreover, this portable solar panel has a very easy to grasp the concept and is lightweight. Adding to the purpose of carrying it while exploring nature at its finest. The Sun Charge 20W is capable of housing up to two USB devices at a time and can quickly recharge them. Apart from this model, all of Otonohm's solar panel models are equipped with connectors which directly charge the Otonohm batteries thus providing unlimited energy.

The Otonohm Sun Charge 20W model is specifically designed to provide you with independence from electrical charging ports while traveling. These solar panels make use of Photovoltaic cells through sheer Sun Power! These cells are of the highest grade which is very important as you don't want yours to the source of what keeps your technology alive to fail when you're out in the wild. The most suitable conditions for the Otonohm Sun Charge Solar Panels are those of complete brightness. The brighter and better the sunlight, the faster the Sun Charge 20W will recharge your devices. This is why it is important to make sure the solar panel is directly facing the sunlight and understanding its orientation.

As mentioned briefly before, these Otonohm Sun Charge Solar Panels are shock and water resistant. This makes it the perfect piece of equipment to carry around while camping or trekking or any such activities which are not fit for delicate pieces of technology. In dense forests and jungles, the sunlight is unable to penetrate through the branches and leaves which tend to be quite high in the air. This would normally make the charging of a collar panel very difficult. However, these forests also have water sources nearby where the trees do not block the sunlight. Here is where the Otonohm Sun Charge Solar Panels fare better than any other solar panel in the game. Since they are water resistant, it is very possible to tie the device and let it replenish its cells afloat, in the middle of the water. Once charged sufficiently, or if the sun changes its positions, just drag the Sun Charge back and recharge elsewhere.

As a matter of fact, even if you happen to be in a snowy region, the Otonohm Sun Charge will prove most useful. As mentioned earlier the water resistant feature allows no moisture from the snow to damage it, and if the sun is out, it does not matter even if you are in the middle of nowhere- the ability of ice to reflect light is enormous! This panel will never fail to power your devices back to life, after which help can easily be called. In conclusion, the Sun Charge 20W is a must-have accessory for any camper, trekker, or adventurous personality. Since the sun can always be relied upon, so can Otonohm's Sun Charge Solar Panel. This way you are never left without your technology wherever you may be.