Why you need a Vegavolt today!

The Vegavolt refers to an intelligent battery charger/power bank made in Russia with the ability to charge two devices simultaneously. If you’ve ever needed a device that can easily charge two or more of your devices at once, than this would be the appropriate device. What is more, this device has also been designed in such a way that it can easily recognize your device once connected! It will also find and determine the proper charging voltage once connected, such that your devices just have the desired power.


intelligent battery chargerThis technology was developed just after the production of gas-powered boots, which sounded to be very ridiculous in itself. Then again we’ve come to expect wacky behavior from Russia. Yet the overall description given of being able to charge multiple devices would really seem strenuous, especially if you have only one or two chargers! However, thanks to Russian technology, the Vegavolt 0-421 was finally built and released as a solution to this. It comes designed with two different ports where you can charge your devices simultaneously as well as be used as a power source. Other great features are such as:

Device indicator Regardless of your device

This gadget will easily be able to determine whatever you connect, hence differentiating with others the USB adapter types. Any kind of USB adapter is very important when it comes to charging, as different cables will suit different phones. Independent channels are what make this device one of the specialized features that makes it unique from most other devices out there. Since it can have two or more cables plugged in, it can supply the same power to each device connected. What is more, these channels will equally distribute the power supply that is needed for each gadget connected.

How it Works

The Vegavolt 0-421 functions in a very simple way, as long as you have knowledge on how to use it, It comes equipped with a power cord, where you can connect it to the power as you connect your devices to charge. You will then need to connect the USB cables to charge your mobile devices separately. As your devices are connected to the charging ports, the Vegavolt will display the name of each device and percentage of each charge until full. What is more, you will have a variety of adapters which will vary with the type of phone or mobile device that you may have. The Vegavolt is also designed in such a way that it automatically regulates the power voltage of the devices you connect. Whether you connect two or more devices, the power will equally be distributed, based on the voltage of your phones and devices connected. This ensures each of the mobile devices connected has enough time to effectively charge till full.

Our Final Verdict

The Vegavolt 0-420 is definitely one of the best technology devices ever produced and manufactured in Russia. This is because other than charging, this device also determines the particular mobile devices connected to it, It saves the users the chance of looking for other chargers for their devices. The devices charged through this intelligent charger will also charge within just a short span of time. Unlike American imports from China that are considered high tech, this device defies the standard rules and proves to be quite practical in more ways than one. What is more, it is also very convenient in terms of the cost and it is widely available all over. If you are an avid fan of solar powered equipment, this device pairs easily with portable solar powered packs with excellent results moreover.